How To: Create infinite white lighting cheaply

Create infinite white lighting cheaply

Going towards the infinite white light means something totally different these days. When we talk about the infinite white light, we're thinking less spiritual and more aesthetically pleasing. That's because a background consisting of a blurry, infinite white light is one of the most flattering you can use for a human subject.

Plus, right now white backgrounds are hip and trendy. Check out this video to learn how to learn how to create white lighting cheaply with limited space.

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This is Great! I'm impressed with your creativity and hard work to build that.

This is a fantastic video demonstration. This is one that I will show my students at Columbia University's Graduate Film Program.

This video is near perfect and I wish I had seen it years ago. Nitpicky complaint: for as practical as this is, he could have lit himself with a better/nicer key light.

"Videography is all about light..."


Unfortunately he's right. And that's why I cringe when I hear the word "Videographer", with it's connotations of amateurishness.

This video is missing one blindingly obvious key component. While it might LOOK like an infinity cove, it SOUNDS like someone's garage.

"Sound - it's 90% of the picture."

No amount of constant drivelling wallpaper rock music in the background is going to hide the fact that the audio in this video is badly recorded. From what I see and hear out there, most "videographers" do not have the critical faculties to work with and craft audio - neither do they seem inclined to learn. The "state of the art" is diminishing as a result.

It's depressing. I'm glad I'm not at Columbia University.

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