How To: Get a great shot on black background with Canon EOS 7D

Get a great shot on black background with Canon EOS 7D

It is possible to get a beautiful shot on a simple black backdrop, and in this tutorial you will learn how to arrange your lighting to do just that. Using a Canon EOS 7D, you will be able to shoot a wonderfully poetic moment on black if you follow these simple techniques.

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The tutorial is not showing up on the page, where can I find the artical?

You can check out the video directly on Vimeo if you can't see it embedded above.

This was a 10 minute video that should have been only 5. Please be more concise, prepare what you're going to say and cut out the 'ummm's and 'uhhh's. You also have a habit of looking away from the camera to think of what else you need to say. If you can't stare at the camera for 10 minutes straight, how do you expect a viewer to watch the video for just as long? This is just feedback. Thanks for the tips.

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