How To: Make cheap lighting & barn doors

Make cheap lighting & barn doors

Check out this instructional lighting video that explains how to make cheap barn doors for your lights. For this project, you will need a total of 4 hinges, 12 nuts and bults, a screwdriver, cardboard, scissors, and a lighting fixture. This is a simple guerrilla filmmaking tutorial on how to design your own barn doors. A great addition to any low-budget filmmaker's lighting kit.

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Three comments: 1) The screws shown in the video are way too long. That's just sloppy work. 2) You should use at least two screws to attach each hing or they can swing out of place. 3) You should never use cardboard for such an application. The light is going to put out a lot of heat and a fire may result. Cardboard makes absolutely no sense. Use sheet metal (steel) or sheet aluminum available at any hardware store. You can paint it black with hi-temp automotive paint if you like. You can get that paint at an auto parts store. It appears that the guy who put this video together has very little or no experience as a handyman. The mistakes made are obvious and elementary. But nice try! The idea is good it just needs to be done right.

Have to agree. My 300 watt lights would light that cardboard on fire in a matter of minutes! Good effort though, gave me a few good ideas:)

Noob DIY - I agree that cardboard is stupid. Also, the hinges this newb is using don't lock, so your barn doors (top and bottom) are likely to fall during a photo/video shoot. Fail.

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