How to Setup Rembrandt lighting for a film shoot

This is The Substream's "The Film Lab" series on lighting basics. This episode covers Rembrandt Lighting.

Mike and Rajo teach you how to light like an old dead Dutch dude (who was really good at lighting dudes, to be fair).

This is a common drama lighting. This is Rembrandt Van Rijn who was known for using soft lighting. This adds soft shadows.

In cinematography Rembrandt lighting is defined by lighting that creates a triangle underneath one of your subjects eyes. It is everywhere. It looks good on most people. Shadows or the chiaroscuro will help with modeling.

You can do it with one light (key light) naked up to the right. Add a bounce and you can make it work. The 2nd light (fill light) can destroy the depth. You need a diffusion and neutral density gels to reduce the intensity of the fill light.

Setup Rembrandt lighting for a film shoot

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