How To: Use 3 point lighting to light your videos like pros

Use 3 point lighting to light your videos like pros

Three point lighting is the key to MAKING videos look professional. Tom Skowronski, the associate editor of Videomaker, guides us through the process of three point lighting. Three point lighting involves the use of three types of light to create a professional appearance when video taping. First, a key light is used to provide bright illumination of the subject. Then, a fill light cleans up the dark areas on the face. Lastly, a backlight fills serves to separate the subject from the background.

A spot light provides the key light, which is the most intense lighting. Raise it three to four feet above eye level. Keep it four to five feet away from the subject to avoid blinding them. Photoflex SilverDome soft boxes provide the fill light and backlight. This makes the subject looks natural, but doesn't separate them from the background. This is done with the backlight.

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